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Im worried others may be getting scammed by Steve the boss, Steve Brown real name Kevin John Claydon of Chirpan near Stara Zagora Bulgaria.

I got scammed, yet he tells people everyone else will scam them, yet he is the one scamming!

I notice he is still selling property on Ebay!

His current Ebay number is


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Posted on 04:35AM on Jan 4th, 2011
quote from another forum:
"Whoooar a discovery. Kevin Claydon / Steve Brown is back on the radar for christmas perhaps.

This is the man himself!!!

More information:

Kevin Claydon changed his name to Steve brown and also known to the Metropolitan Police as Marcus Bamforth-Rockall lives in Chirpan Bulgaria. Kevin has a website called but since the webmaster ran away from Kevin the website is now out of date and back to the old one. Kevin Claydon or Steve Brown now has the Ebay name location.location.location.bulgaria or the link being since he changed it from cheap-bulgarian-properties as he was being chase by a number of people. Kevin auctions homes in Bulgaria, promises the earth, and shatters peoples lives, many here will testify to this, however he has a habit of trying to warn others off of other sellers, legit ones. Kevin Claydon is known for his property scams and betting scams, yet is still at large in Bulgaria, near Stara Zagora in Chirpan"

Yes i have also seen all this on the internet. The scammer himself is back. Please avoid this crazy man at all costs! As mentioned he is now using the Ebay name location.location.location.bulgaria changed from cheap-bulgarian-properties.

He uses the following email addresses:

If you have any issues with this man dont be scared of him, he is all mouth and no trousers. A lot of people are after him!

I suggest putting information about him on every website you can find so people can be warned not to buy from this con man
Posted on 03:34PM on Feb 5th, 2011
Marcus the betting genius,

Steve Brown and Steve The Boss the high flying business man,

Kevin John Claydon the born again Christian do gooder.

Its all the same person and it all stinks.

This man trades from Ebay as location.location.location.bulgaria and owns CBP Ltd Chirpan

For Mr S.C , I wish luck with the old coach house bulgaria.

Get your deal made and get the hell away from this sick scum of a man. Be careful not to upset him he will make up lies about you to anyone who listens. Like the young couple whose "life changing job opportunity" went wrong and he claimed they stole his laptop reporting them to the police.

Go to his village (ask anyone in Chirpan where he lives) (he doesnt live in Chirpan like he claims), or if he ever leaves you alone for ten minutes in Bulgaria (not likely until the deal is done) ask any English person in Chirpan about him and you will see all that is written here is THE TRUTH.

Contact the few real buyers on his feedback and see how happy they are with him now. There was a time when the people were intimated by his threats when things went wrong but these days are finishing.

Come on then Kevin Big Boss Man, explain all this to the good people.
Posted on 09:56AM on Jun 26th, 2011
KEVIN JOHN CLAYDON / STEVE "THE BOSS" / STEVE BROWN - what next ? There are a LOT OF PEOPLE in Bulgaria and the UK who could think of other names for him I'm sure.

At last here people telling it like it really is!!

This man has no conscience at all, let alone Christian principles. Like "maltaborn" I wish the guy with The Old Coach House in Bratya Daskalovi the very best of luck. He's gonna need it. I do hope he's got a written schedule and specification of works, and a timescale for completion before the excuses start.

There are many who have had promises made with no intention or ability on the part of "The Boss " to fulfill them.
What about the 4000+ happy clients he boasts about. Where are they ? Where is the bulging portfolio of successfully completed projects and the reams of client reccommendation letters?
What happens if you dare to question his work or worst still disagree with him. Character Assasination, that's what. You become a liar, or an alcoholic, or owe him money or are just a plain bad person.

What motivates such behaviour - Money, Money, Money and before he gets yours make certain you have your documents and that they are ok. There are those who wish they had.

Bulgaria is a lovely country and offers the opportunity of a relaxed lifestyle, but if you want to realise your dream, as "qualitystreet11" says - AVOID THIS SCAMMAN AT ALL COSTS
Posted on 05:51PM on Jul 20th, 2011
HELP. I have just found this website and blog and was about to get work done by Maz and co when I saw this. So now I won't. Thanks all.
However I need to get work done urgently in the Chirpan area. Is there anyone that you would recommend. Thanks.
Posted on 10:16AM on Jul 27th, 2011
yes you learn the hard way we are 10k down the pan and only got the ground cleared and a septic tank in i had to deal with the electric supply my self to get it on we have now stopped all payments to him
Posted on 11:17AM on Jul 27th, 2011
ok started the ball rolling now we need others that have had dealings with him to go to bbc watchdog site and fill the form in
Posted on 05:48AM on Aug 10th, 2011
Has anyone seen his new CBP website yet? More lies, imaginary staff and satisfied clients that can't spell just like him.
Posted on 01:02AM on Aug 22nd, 2011
UNBELIEVABLE -> check out my testimonials at and then visit Mr Claydon's new site and check out his testimonials ->

Three of the people named as happy clients on his site are my former clients. One is even a lady commenting above - although I should point out that I arranged her quote with a builder who has nothing to do with Mr Claydon and has done work for me personally and is very good. Maz acted as translator in sorting the quote.
Posted on 06:51AM on Sep 7th, 2011
Yeah I can see some obvious use of copy and paste going on there TravelBug. He cant even be bothered to invent clients any more!

Please go here everyone:

Fill in the form and submit it. The more people you get to complain the better. This has gone on for years now and more people keep appearing with stories about the scam artist. Something needs to be done about him. This is only the start as far as a lot of us are concerned.
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